Beyond the Metrics in Your Movement

Have you ever had the number on the scale make or break your day (or week)? That reaction is deeply ingrained in our brain, but is so counter-productive to our wellness. Does you movement practice allow you to gauge your success by how you feel – not a number on a scale, dashboard, screen or spreadsheet?

girl jogging

Start your 2019 with mindful, purposeful movement in order to train (and re-train) you to move better in your body.  Screens and dashboards that measure how fast you are going and how you measure up to the competition or how many calories you are burning force your attention elsewhere and impair your ability to make brain-body connections. The use of metrics makes that harder, not easier. It is easy to become reliant on the machine for your workout.  This year, practice self-reliance. YOU are the machine and are in full control of it.

In this modern world, we spend so much of our time in front of screens and interacting with online communities that we lose our personal connection. Seek out a brick and mortar space because face-to-face interaction and physical touch is both necessary and therapeutic/healing.

Metrics are not as objective as you think. Machine calibration may vary and your heart rate can be influenced by your hydration, sleep, nutrition or how well you have recovered from a previous workout. Set technology aside, pay attention to how you feel and connect that to your behavior. What is working? What is not? Maybe you need a rest day or more sleep?  Identify causes vs. react to symptoms. Go beyond the metrics and connect with your inner powerhouse.