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The best start to a great job post is writing an effective job title that will get the attention of the right candidates and entice them to apply to your job. If the title gets the viewer to click the job, then having an effective job description is the next important step in finding more great candidates.

Write a job title that clearly states what you are hiring for. It only takes a couple minutes to post a job on Namafit. We suggest a clear separate job post for every type of job your are looking to fill. For example, post “Looking for yoga teachers” and “Hiring front desk staff at fitness center” as separate jobs.

Namafit gets a lot of exposure for your jobs, so we suggest writing clear, specific job titles and descriptions that will make your ideal candidate’s eyes light up! Read on to see some examples of proven job titles and descriptions that have been working!

In analyzing jobs that get the most applications, we have found that job titles that clearly state the job are very effective. A job title like “Boot Camp Instructor” and “Vinyasa Yoga Instructor” get better than average number of applications. And an insider trick to make your job stand out even more is to use a lead-in like “Seeking…” or “Looking for…” at the beginning of the job.

Here are some suggested job titles that work well:

  • Seeking Office Meditation Facilitators
  • Hiring Facilities Manager
  • Looking For A Cycling/Spin Instructor
  • Now Hiring Front Desk Sales Person For Yoga Studio
  • Front Desk Staff Shift Managers Studio Hands
  • Now Hiring Group Fitness Instructors
  • Hiring Yoga Instructors
  • Remote Independent Online Health Coach Needed
  • Looking For Hot Vinyasa Yoga Instructors With Personality Plus
  • Looking For A Yoga Or Pilates Instructor At Midtown
  • Part Time Front Desk Associate Needed
  • Now Hiring Personality Plus Hot Power Vinyasa Teachers
  • Strength And Conditioning Coaches Needed
  • Tuesday Night Boot Camp Teacher
  • Yoga And Mindfulness For Adult Ed Esl Classes
  • Yoga Fitness Instructors Needed
  • Yoga Instructors Needed
  • Looking For Yoga Instructors With Desire To Learn
  • Yoga Spa Looking For Yoga Instructors
  • Yoga Studio Looking For Experienced Passionate Yoga Instructor
  • Yoga Teacher

The bottom line is, be direct, fun and creative. And look at your job post through the eyes of the candidates you want to apply. We are confident that we can help you reach them.

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