5 Simple Practices for a Mindful NYC Family

Invite more mindfulness into what you are already doing instead of feeling this is something else you have to do or make time for

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  1. Savor a Snack
    1. Is there a snack you eat regularly? Try to bring all of your senses to eating it for 5 minutes together like you are eating it for the first time
  2. Mindful NYC Breathing Breaks
    1. Count how many breaths you take when you wait to cross the street
  3. Mindful Music
    1. Is there a favorite song you have as a family? For 60 seconds listen to that song together and see if you can follow the sound of one instrument
  4. Mindful Walk
    1. Is there a walking route you take often with your child? Each day see if you can notice something different on that walk that you did not notice before
    2. Notice your feet on the ground as you walk and keep pace with one another to bring more awareness to the pace of your movement
  5. Layers of Sound
    1. Hard to find silence in NYC? Before bed, notice the sounds happening
      1. Outside
      2. Inside of the room you are in
      3. Inside of yourself
Group of snacks for on the go
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