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upload your yoga, fitness, dance teacher resume to namafit
Upload Your Resume for yoga and fitness jobs

I remember a time when LinkedIn.com was just a site that fellow tech workers would say, “You’ve gotta add your resume to LinkedIn. It’s gonna be better for finding jobs than Craigslist.com”. So, I took the bait and uploaded my resume to LinkedIn.com, even though I had no idea what LinkedIn was.

Fast forward 3-4 years. LinkedIn had grown and the professional network had grown. Office professionals were then filling out their job history and skillsets on their LinkedIn page.

But there wasn’t a fit to create a professional resume page for yoga instructors, group fitness instructors, personal trainers, coaches, dance teachers and wellness professionals. Until now- Namafit is the right fit for you. Create your professional web presence now with your Namafit instructor profile page by going to https://namafit.com/signup

If you already have a Namafit profile page, add your resume by going to http://namafit.com/profile/edit

If you haven’t created your professional profile page yet, you should! Just go to https://namafit.com/signup – it only take a few minutes and will open up new opportunities for you in this industry!

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