Your Namafit business page has some great features you might be missing out on

When you create a business on your recruiting goals immediately improve. Once you create a business profile on the site you can post as many jobs as you need to fill for yoga, fitness and dance instructors, coaches and trainers. We’ve made it as simple as possible to create a clear, specific job post in the shortest amount of time.

And when you post your job, Namafit works some magic behind the scenes. The Namafit professional network spans the United States. Based on the type of job and location you post Namafit finds the best matches for the job and send notifications to each of them alerting the candidates that the job was just posted. Namafit also sends your job post to the Google job search engine as well as several other external job boards in the USA. Once on google and these other job boards candidates find the job, click apply, and are brought back to your Namafit post to apply directly to you.

Free Features for Businesses

Add Authorized Users to help manage your business page

In addition to the built in job and event promotion tools for your business, we have added some great features to help you be more efficient in your recruiting, too.  What I think it our coolest business feature is the ability to invite other employees to be administrators for your business page.  That means your manager, or lead desk staff or operator can help you post jobs and events.  They can send messages to candidates, reply to applications, update your business pages, and help take these duties off your hands.  But don’t worry, you will be kept in the loop, because you, as the page owner will be copied on messages that are sent to and from your business to candidates.

To take advantage of this amazing business feature, just go to and invite your first authorized user.

business settings for Namafit account
You can add other authorized users to help manage your Namafit business page and postings.

Add Multiple Locations for Your Business

Do you have more than one location? Or do you hold classes and events at more than one location?  You can add all of your locations to your main business page by going to

While there make sure to add and/or update your logo, “About Us”, website address, social media links and phone number for your business to get more SEO exposure for your business and postings.

Business location listings for a Namafit fitness business profile

Use Your Namafit Website Address As A Link From Your Website

Your business page has a permanent URL website address, so you can add that as a link from your business website to lead candidates to your job postings.  Your Namafit business page is a landing page to showcase your business postings for jobs and events.  To add a link to your website: Go to and copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.  Now add that link to your business website with text that says something like “Now Hiring” or “View our current job openings”.

You may want to ask your web developer for help adding this link.  It’s a great way to get more candidate applications for your jobs!

permanent URL for a Namafit business account
Your business URL contains your business name for better SEO exposure

Re-post Jobs and Events in Minutes After They Expire

Jobs and events run for one month when posted.  When they expire you will receive an email notifying you. 

  1. Just click the link in the email to re-post them. 
  2. You can also go to for jobs and for events. 
  3. Click the “Open Jobs”/”Open Events” drop down selector and switch to “Closed Jobs”/”Closed Events” to see your expired postings. 
  4. On the left, click on the expired posting and click “Re-post” button on the right. 
  5. Make any date and description updates you desire, and publish the posting again!

My events page on

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